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Got Milk?

Posted by lesbiancherrypie on December 22, 2008

Ok I’m just joking, but I just watched the trailer for Milk, what a great story, I must go and see it with the wife, she and I plan on a hot date after the madness referred as the holidays and I’m quite sure this is a great movie to see, I hear its better the Seven Pounds (I love Will Smith) which is another movie we want to see.  So anyway, please watch the trailer and if you’ve already seen it let me know what you think.


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Lesbian Cherry Pie – Makes Us Hungry Just Hearing About It

Posted by lesbiancherrypie on December 13, 2008

Well, I’m happy, the Press Release has made such a positive difference for us at LesbianCherryPie, I’m forever grateful of all the support that we’ve been getting from our family and friends but most especially you who come to the site and visit.  Here’s a blog post from Two Lesbos Goin At It discussing our site.  I hope you enjoy it, I love the photo that they choose to depict LesbianCherryPie, wish I had found it first LOL.

Lesbian Cherry Pie – Makes Us Hungry Just Hearing About It

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The good, the bad and a little more about me!

Posted by lesbiancherrypie on December 12, 2008

I am very happy today, we have sent out some Press Releases for our site and they are already out on the wire.  Hopefully everyone will end up hearing about us and see that we are different and can make a difference to the Lesbian social life.

I just want to make a difference, I still get shocked by the hate today, I can be  naive I admit it, I still think people are good, I think what shocks me is like the other day when I posted our video on Youtube and a gentleman damned me straight to hell in the comments (I deleted it and blocked him), I choose to ignore it and pray for him instead but again I admit it shocked me at first, why? I should be used to it people are afraid of what they don’t know, fear turns into hate sometimes.  Anyway onto to positive thoughts…

Lets celebrate that we have some press releases out there and I’m writing some articles for my lesbian sisters and they’re good too if I do say so myself, they’ll be coming out next week.

I’m new to blogging so what you’ll see here is someone just talking from her heart, about her life, her business and anything that strikes me funny, odd or worth passing around.

Thanks for visiting the blog and please if you have a chance visit my website at http://www.LesbianCherryPie.com it’s a nice site that can help you find love and/or friends.


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Check out our New Video!

Posted by lesbiancherrypie on December 8, 2008

Let me know what you think!

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Prop 8 the musical

Posted by lesbiancherrypie on December 7, 2008

Has everyone seen this yet? Check out the video if you haven’t already and leave me a comment as to what you think. I can only include the link because WordPress is acting all funny on me now and won’t upload the video.

Edited to add, I think its because it’s a FunnyorDie video.

Here’s the link…

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What we offer!

Posted by lesbiancherrypie on December 3, 2008

What do women want? Better yet, what do Lesbians want?  I often ask myself if its not the same things except perhaps more equal rights.  Take for instance the whole debacle over that famous dating site, I know there are two sides to a story however why wouldn’t the GLBT community be allowed to have the same chances at love.  At Lesbiancherrypie.com what we do is alot different, we offer an exclusive dating service for the Lesbian woman of all ages to contact and get to know each other in a safe, secure and friendly environment.  The best part IMHO is to join is Free.  Now I know there are some of you who will say well what’s the catch, you would be amazed at what we offer for FREE

Lifetime ads

Add up to 10 photos

Unlimited instant messenger

Search and browse profiles

Post comments on profiles and forum

Verify photos/ages/occupation

It only takes a few short minutes to join this very exciting lesbian dating site and we guarantee that it is 100% FREE to do so.

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